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Window Treatment Cleaning

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Window Treatments are not just  decorative: they allow you to control the amount of light coming in, says Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook. They are essential to avoid the bleaching of furniture or the sun’s staining of wooden floors- as well as the degree of privacy. All window treatments should be dusted monthly. Deep cleaning techniques depend on the material you’re treating.

For Fabric Vertical Blinds,Window Treatment Cleaning,  close then so they lie flat. Dust with the dust-brush tool on the vacuum, set on low suction. To spot clean, take down the slat and lat it on a flat surface. Blot the stain with a sponge dampened with mild dishwashing liquid and tepid water. Treat heavy stains with a commercial upholstery cleaner. Once a year, have a professional clean your blinds using a dry ultra-sonic technique, look up under “Window Treatments- cleaning and repair”

For Honeycomb Shades, Window Treatment Cleaning, dust monthly with a feather duster or the dust-brush tool on your vacuum, set on low suction. Spot clean with a white cloth dampened with tepid water and mild dishwashing liquid. Blot only: do not rub. Once a year, have a professional clean the blinds using the injection/extraction method, check under “Window Treatments- Cleaning and Repair”

For Pleated Shades, Window Treatment Cleaning,  dust them monthly, using the dust-brush tool on you vacuum, set the suction on low. Regular vacuuming is the only way to clean these shades.

For Wood Blinds and Shutters, Window Treatment Cleaning, close the slats so they lie flat. Working from top to bottom, dust with a feather duster, a lamb’s wool duster, an electrostatic cloth, or the dust-brush tool on you vacuum, set on low suction. Close them in the opposite direction and repeat. Wood blinds and shutters should not be exposed to steam or moisture in a kitchen or bath. Twice a year, wipe each slat with a slightly dampened cloth, then dry. 

If anyone in your family has Allergies, Dusting and Cleaning of any type of Blind that you may have, is absolutely necessary.


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