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Ways to save yourself money earth energy

Written by Dial A Maid on . Posted in Uncategorized

Some of us go to bed early, some of us sleep in, some of us eat healthy things but the underlying fact is that we are always trying, as humans, to save energy. So why should our hoses be any different? The average American spends up to three thousand dollars on energy (both water and power) a year. Not to mention the strain this puts on our ecosystem.There are so many easy, clean ways to save energy and sometimes we just need to be reminded of them. A great way to save energy AND water is to cut your shower time in half! Nobody actually spends a half hour shampooing their hair. If you make an effort to spend less time dilly dallying in the shower you will save so much money for yourself and end up benefitting the earth as well. Another great way to save power is to just turn off all of your lights before you leave home! That sounds like an obvious thing but so many people forget to do it and it seriously puts a strain on money. Make post it notes to remind yourself to do it and you’ll be saving energy without even thinking about it! One more super cost effective way to save water/energy is to turn off the water in your sink while you brush your teeth! It’s super wasteful to leave your water running and also there’s no real point to it! You can rinse your south after you’re done brushing instead of rinsing out your wallet with water bills! Of course it’s always okay to slip up, we all do. Just remember that day to day life can waste energy and unlike you, the earth doesn’t get a chance to recharge! Go green and watch the planet benefit with all of these tiny decisions you can make.

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