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Summer is coming

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If you live in the Chicagoland area you’ve probably started to notice that’s it’s gotten quite warm out recently and the temperatures are continuing to rise and you know what that means! Summer! Summer is an awesome time for your kids to help you out with some cleaning, or maybe be the cause of your messes. If you have a mess maker at home, dial a maid has a few tips to keep you care free and summer loving and your house reflecting the warm, clean air outside. Dial A Maids first cleaning tip is to always have backups. Is means backup paper towels, backup toilet paper and backup dish soap. The kids are home. We get it. Nobody has time to go shopping when we’re all busy driving our kids from one sports game to the next play date. Buying this stuff in advance ensures that even when you’re not on top of things your house still can be. Dial a maids next tip is to just simply utilize your windows. A nice summer breeze makes all the difference, especially when having guests over. Crack a window and let the fresh air pour through, let everyone else thank you later. Fresh air adds a summery feel to a stuffy home. Don’t let your guests feel like they’re stuck in a closet. Air is great for everyone. Dial a maids last tip for a great clean summer home is essential oils! This seems like the biggest fad lately, but it’s definitely not unwarranted. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on whatever piece of furniture you like to give it a fresh, clean scent. Some of our favorite scents are Mint, and lemon but the list of oils you can purchase for a nice cheap prince are endless! The summer comes in running in the suburbs of Chicago. Don’t let yourself fall victim to shock. Give dial a maid a call for some more great cleaning tips or even a free estimate today

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