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Stop Clutter in the kitchen

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Stop clutter in the kitchen. Label three stop clutter boxes as follows: Put Away, Sell/Donate, and Storage.

The storage step is most important. Is this item trash? Into the garbage bag it goes. Does it belong elsewhere in the kitchen or in another room? Place it in the Put Away box. Can it be donated or sold? Place in the Sell/Donate box. Is it a specialty or seasonal item that should be stored?  Place in the Storage box. Sort until you empty the space.

Finished sorting? Toss the trash. If you don’t use it, it has no place in a lean, mean kitchen. Assess the newly cleared space, wiping it free from dust or crumbs. Replace shelf liner if needed. Dusty or dirty items, give them  a quick wash before being returned to their place. Put your PutAway box items back on your shelves, take your Storage box to the basement or attic, and call for a charity pick up of your Sell/Donate box. Done!

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