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Steam Cleaning Machine

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A Small Steam Cleaning Machine is a phenomenal tool for cleaning dirty kitchen surfaces. It loosens dirt, grease, and grime so they can be wiped off with a clean cloth and it uses pure water, so it leaves no residue. Because the steam is hot enough to burn your skin, it is very important to read and follow all the directions and safety instructions before using it.

To steam clean a wood, vinyl, or tile kitchen floor, attach a clean terrycloth towel to the floor brush, then put the floor brush on the end of the steamer’s extension tube. Use a figure-eight mopping motion to steam the floor clean, moving quickly to prevent heat damage. When the towel gets dirty, turn it over or replace it with a clean towel.

Clean tile grout by using the steamer’s detail brush, then use a towel-covered floor brush to remove excess moisture and residue. If the tile is very dirty, use the floor brush without a towel, then wipe the steamed area with a clean towel. You can use this technique for tiled counters as well as tiled floors.

Strip off old wax by using the floor brush to steam a small section of floor at a time. Wipe off the dissolved wax before moving to the next section. When the job is done, clean the brushes with hot water before the wax has a chance to harden. Wipe down the floor with a clean dry towel before applying new wax. Dial-A-Maid USA suggests that  every household should have a small steam cleaning machine.

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