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Spotting Guide for Carpets

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The number one rule of spot removal on carpet is to always keep several bottles of club soda on hand to use on spills on any kind of carpet. If you spill, follow this advice:

*Blot up as much moisture as you can- laying old towels over the spill and standing on them is a great way to start.

*Scrape up any solids.

  • Pour club soda on the spill. don’t be afraid to really pour it on. The carbonation in the soda will “bubble up” the spill so that you can blot it up. again, cover the spot with clean, light-colored towels or rags and stand on them. This will help to absorb the spill. continue to pour and absorb until all color from the stain has been blotted up and the towel is coming up clean.
  • Follow up with a good carpet stain remover.
  • When you spot-clean carpet, never rub, as it will only spread the stain and will cause abrasion to the carpet fibers.
  • Thttp://Dialamaidusa.comhis is a good general cleaning method for most spills and definitely will not cause any damage. All of the above are suggestions from Linda Cobb’s Talking Dirty.

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