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Residue removal

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Residue is the term used for any soap scum, dirt, cleaning chemical left on a surface after it’s cleaned. Residue is usually the result of failure to rinse or to rinse enough. On hard surfaces it kills the shine, and on fabric or carpet it acts as a sticky magnet to attract dirt and speed up resoiling.

Residue also contaminates and affects the bonding of things we often want to apply after we clean, wax, floor finish, paint, or soil retardant.

Most residue is alkaline, so to remove it, mild acid rinse such as vinegar water is what you need. Vinegar functions as an acid spotter, a neutralizing agent, and a mild bleach. It is great at removing any detergent residue on glassware and laundry, safely. When you do use vinegar for any of residue removal, make sure it’s plain white distilled vinegar.

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