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Living with Pets in Evanston, Il

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One of the most persisent issues homekeepers who live with pets face is animal hair- on floors, furniture, and clothing. A good way to keep hair off you and your furniture is to provide a designated spot where your pet is welcome to rest. Dog and cat beds offer comfortable alternatives to furniture. Still, pets often want to  join you on sofas and beds. Place an old towel or sheet wherever your pet likes to rest. When tidying up, just pick up the covering, shake it to remove most of the hair( do this outside), and toss it in the washing machine.

Here are a few ways to remove pet hair according to Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook:

  1. On carpeting, vacuum several times a week using full suction. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.
  2. On wood or other hard floors, use an electrostatic mop. They’re more efficient than vacuums since they don’t blow the hair around.
  3. On clothing, use a tape roller. Loop a ribbon through the handle and hang one from the doorknob inside closets throughout the house so they’re always ready.
  4. On upholstery, use the vacuum’s upholstery tool or get a hand vacuum with a motorized beater-bar attachment. Lint brushes designed for clothing and fry sponges, sold at pet supply stores, also work well. 
  5. You may need to try a few of these methods to find the right one for you, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. 


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