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Keeping Odors Out of laundry and house

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Odor can be a big laundry problem. There are a number of perfumed products that claim to remove odor and leave fabric fresh smelling. It’s been our experience that most of these products just mask smells. Putting white vinegar in the final rinse will remove odors. Also, another food general odor remover for laundry is 20 Mule Team Borax. Add this to any odorous load of laundry. Follow the directions on the box. This product is safe for all washables.

Remember, if it stinks, it’s best to treat it immediately, before the odor can be passed on to other clothing items.

Wintergreen oil is a wonderful household deodorant. Purchase some at a health food store and put a few drops on cotton balls and stash in plants and decorative pieces around the house.

To make your own Air Freshener, in a gallon jug, combine 1 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup clean ammonia and 1 tablespoon scent-any scented oil or extract will work. Slowly add 16 cups of warm water, label and store. To use, pour well-shaken solution into a spray container and mist air as needed. This is a safe and healthy way to keep your house smelling clean and odor free.

To deodorize refrigerators, leave a bowl filled with clean clay cat litter or charcoal on the shelf to absorb odors. For stronger odors, nothing works better than dry, fresh coffee grounds. Put them in a bowl and leave in the refrigerator until odor disappears. This can be used along with the cat litter or charcoal very effectively.

We all want our houses to not only be clean, but to also smell clean.

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