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How to improve Air Quality in Your Home

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More often in summer then winter, homes seem to acquire a stagnant odor. You begin to think, ” This place smells like dirt.” Fortunately, boosting air quality can be easy and inexpensive. Here’s how to do it:

Begin by cleaning away dust in often missed places such as ceiling fans, baseboards, and moldings.

Then clean the duct work of your heating and air-conditioning system.  Place your  vacuum cleaner hose into various ducts and you will draw out a great deal of dust.

Use furnace vent filters. Lift up you vents and put the filters in place. The air goes through the filter before it comes out. It traps the dust.

For a more serious problem, consider an in-line air-purification system. The unit will pay off in the form of clean air for years to come.

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