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Some Home-Cleaning Secrets

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To eliminate water rings on hardwood surfaces, use a little mayonnaise mixed with a bit of ashes or toothpaste. The secret is to rub gently for a long time- maybe 30 minutes- so you can remove the stain without scratching the surface. After removing the ring, use a paste wax on the whole surface to protect your furniture piece and give it a beautiful sheen.

To get rid of minor scratches on your furniture, use Old English Scratch cover. It is sold in various colors. Try to match your furniture with the closest color. But, if you don’t know the approximate finish color, start with the lightest one. Always apply with a cleaning rag, never put the color directly on the piece.

When dusting, use the right dust rag. Microfiber cloths are great for most wood furniture. Just dampen the cloth with water and a little polish and rub gently. This will protect your furniture from dust for a long period of time and give it a nice shine. Be sure to get a good quality of polish. Liquid polish is preferable to spray due to it’s increased concentration. For carved furniture, china, ceramics, and chandeliers, use a small paintbrush made from natural bristles. These are very soft and will not scratch the finish. ¬†


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