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Happy earth day!

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Happy earth day everyone! If you’ve been wondering what exactly you can do to celebrate, Dial A Maid has some ideas for you! Now, cleaning supplies definitely put a strain on our environment, there’s no doubt. But there are some awesome things that YOU can do to help our earth this April. A little known fact is that over 3,000 pounds of paper towels are put into waste in America each day. So how can you change this? It’s easy! Use some reusable dish rags. Of course this seems like a lot of work, and quite tedious but in the long run you’re ultimately helping our planet. Another great thing to do is to just have separate garbage bags for recycling and actual garbage. Yeah, it sounds obvious but so many of us just leave our recycling in the garbage bin because we’re too lazy to separate them. By having these separate bags you can make a change just starting in your own home. Along with the obvious papers and plastic, your old electronics can be recycled too! Old computers and iPhones can pile up in landfills. Try either recycling your items or even bringing it to your phone company. They will definitely place it in a new home and simultaneously help the environment. So a lot of these small things really can help the environment! Not all of us realize how much of a change we’re making through the little things we do. Be safe and help your home, the earth be safe too

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