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Golden Rules Of Wiping Up

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Wiping up hard surfaces around the house is a basic part of the weekly cleaning routine. Any surface that is moisture tolerant can be wiped using these guidelines.

  1. Always start with the mildest cleaning product before moving on to stronger products or stronger concentrations of a cleaning solution.
  2. Some cleaning products are designed to be used full strength, while others are meant to be diluted. Always read and follow label directions. Use only the recommended amount: more will not guarantee a cleaner surface- it will only leave behind residue that can actually attract dirt and grime.
  3. Most detergents work best in warm to hot water, but be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the product label. If you’re cleaning a surface you have treated with wax, use tepid water.
  4. When using a spray cleaner, always apply the spray to the cloth rather than to the surface being cleaned. This prevents drips and will keep the spray off areas where it doesn’t belong.
  5. Don’t overwet surfaces. With the exception of bathtubs, bathtub surrounds, showers, and outdoor surfaces such as decks and patios, all of which are designed to withstand moisture, you should wipe surfaces with well-wrung cloths. Cleaning with excessive amounts of water can cause finishes to fail and surfaces to warp.
  6. Rinse surfaces with a clean, damp cloth and polish them dry with another clean cloth.

All of the above guidelines are recommended and found in Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook as well as being used by Dial A Maid Usa

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