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Easy Prevention of Soap Scum

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Since hard water spots and soap scum develop when water evaporates, leaving minerals and soap residue behind, if you let the water dry on your shower walls, they will get dirty rather quickly. If you dry the shower walls with a towel or a shower squeegee before you exit, however, you will greatly reduce the amount of cleaning you have to do.

Regular soap is produced by combining animal fat with lye. when this type of soap is used in hard water, it produces soap scum. Detergents, which are petroleum products, were invented to prevent soap scum. Because detergents do not combine with water soluble minerals, they don’t leave a residue. Detergent has become so common that most bath soaps, both solid and liquid, are actually detergents.

If you don’t like the idea of scrubbing yourself clean with petroleum, but you want to prevent soap scum, castile soap is a wonderful alternative.

Castile soap is a very gentle natural product made from vegetable oil. No matter how hard the water, castile soap does not form soap scum and gets you fabulously clean. There are many well-known natural castile soaps made from olive and coconut oils available on line or in the health food department in your local Supermarket. Dial-A-Maid USA recommends trying them out next time you need soap. You and your shower will both greatly benefit!

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