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Dryer Cleaning Maintenance and Safety

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Cleaning the dryer should be one of your routine cleaning chores. Be sure to clean your dryer lint trap after each load. Once a year, clean the dryer as follows:

Remove the lint trap and use a vacuum attachment to remove all the accumulated lint from under the lint trap.

Pull the washer and dryer out from the wall and vacuum the machines’ backs and floor.

Clean the exhaust duct: unplug the dryer, disconnect the duct, vacuum, and reconnect.

Turn on the dryer, then head outside to check that the inside flaps of the exhaust hood move freely. If your hood points downward, hold a mirror under the hood to get a good look.

Every year or so, have the dryer cleaned by a qualified technician. Many House fires are started by clogged up dryer vents and ducts.

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