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Choosing the correct Faucet

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Leaking faucets, shower heads, and toilets can waste many gallons of water in a very short  period of time. When hot faucets leak, they also waste large amounts of energy in the form of heated water. You can conserve water and energy by fixing leaks and installing low-flow faucet aerators and low-flow shower heads with shut off valves. Water saving toilets are required in most parts of the country.

Most faucets that leak have worn out washers that can no longer form a watertight seal when the faucet valve is screwed against them. The easiest way to prevent faucet leaks is to buy the highest quality washerless faucets you can afford. The best washerless faucets are engineered to be very durable. Water flows through them only when the hole in a stainless steel ball or ceramic plate in the handle aligns with an opening in the body of the faucet. When washerless faucets are turned off, there is nowhere for the water to flow.

Try to avoid buying faucets with hollow, clean plastic handles. With enough light, these handles make great little terrariums for growing algae. Cleaning the algae out of the faucet handles is a needless and time consuming  job that no one should have to do.

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