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Shower Door Soap Scum Removal

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Shower Door Soap Scum Removal can be cleaned with environmentally friendly products.  Whether with normal soap scum or with hard water spots, the following recipe will work wonders for any shower door and will not make you sneeze and cough, as with any store bought harsh, chemical products.

The ingredients are:

1.Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid, available in any supermarket or home goods store.

2. White, distilled vinegar

3. Plastic microwavable container with a lid, and a plastic spoon for mixing

4. Plastic spray bottle– 16 oz is good.

5. Measuring cup and funnel

Measure 1 cup Dawn into the plastic container .Put the container into the microwave for 1 minute.

Pour the cooled down solution into the spray bottle.

Spray the inside of the shower door , chrome, faucet very generously with the shower door soap scum . Let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

Rub vigorously with a nylon sponge all over the glass, aluminum frame, and all faucets. Rinse off all the soap solution with plenty of clear water. Make sure all the shower door soap scum is removed before drying.

Dry well with a microfiber cloth.

A small tip to prevent water and soap scum from adhering to your shower door, is to spread some lemon oil on the glass, after the glass dries. This will help repel water and soap scum particles and dirt.


How to improve Air Quality in Your Home

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More often in summer then winter, homes seem to acquire a stagnant odor. You begin to think, ” This place smells like dirt.” Fortunately, boosting air quality can be easy and inexpensive. Here’s how to do it:

Begin by cleaning away dust in often missed places such as ceiling fans, baseboards, and moldings.

Then clean the duct work of your heating and air-conditioning system.  Place your  vacuum cleaner hose into various ducts and you will draw out a great deal of dust.

Use furnace vent filters. Lift up you vents and put the filters in place. The air goes through the filter before it comes out. It traps the dust.

For a more serious problem, consider an in-line air-purification system. The unit will pay off in the form of clean air for years to come.

How to Noiseproof Your Home

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Noise is a constant and nagging problem in many buildings and houses because of thin walls and badly insulated floors and ceilings. Some solutions include:

Walls: Hang sound-absorbing materials such as quilts, decorative rugs or blankets. Carpeted walls provide excellent sound-proofing. Some brands of carpet can be attached to the wall with adhesive. Or, a carpet can be attached inside of a picture frame that can be attached to the wall. Either way it will be help immensely with noise reductions.

Ceilings: Acoustical tile can be applied directly to the ceiling with adhesive. A dropped ceiling of acoustical tile with about six inches of insulation between the new and existing ceiling is a good option.

Floors: A thick plush carpet that is laid over a dense sponge-rubber padding works great. The padding must be dense, at least 3/8″ thick. The more the better.


From: Bottom Line: The Big Black Book

Some Home-Cleaning Secrets

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To eliminate water rings on hardwood surfaces, use a little mayonnaise mixed with a bit of ashes or toothpaste. The secret is to rub gently for a long time- maybe 30 minutes- so you can remove the stain without scratching the surface. After removing the ring, use a paste wax on the whole surface to protect your furniture piece and give it a beautiful sheen.

To get rid of minor scratches on your furniture, use Old English Scratch cover. It is sold in various colors. Try to match your furniture with the closest color. But, if you don’t know the approximate finish color, start with the lightest one. Always apply with a cleaning rag, never put the color directly on the piece.

When dusting, use the right dust rag. Microfiber cloths are great for most wood furniture. Just dampen the cloth with water and a little polish and rub gently. This will protect your furniture from dust for a long period of time and give it a nice shine. Be sure to get a good quality of polish. Liquid polish is preferable to spray due to it’s increased concentration. For carved furniture, china, ceramics, and chandeliers, use a small paintbrush made from natural bristles. These are very soft and will not scratch the finish.  


Clever Uses for Cooking Spray

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Cooking Spray should be a household basic, can’t do without, item. Here’s some good reasons why from “The KrazyCouponLady.com”

Spray measuring cups before putting honey or syrup on them. The contents will slide right out.

Remove soap scum on glass shower doors. Just spray the inside and wipe with an absorbent cloth.

Wipe dead bugs off a car grille and bumper. Spray the area, and rub gently with a clean cloth.

Stop food from sticking to a knife when chopping. Spray the knife before using it.

Keep candleholders wax-free. Spray them before placing the candles inside.

Prevent stains on plastic containers. Spray them before putting tomato sauce or similar foods in them.

Stop ice from forming in a freezer by spraying along walls and shelves.

Prevent cheese from sticking to a grater by spraying before use.

Remove a stuck ring by spraying your finger.

Stop snow from sticking to a shovel by spraying the blade before use.


Appliances That Pay for Themselves

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The latest energy-efficient apppliances can cost up to hundreds of dollars more than standard models. But many pay for themselves over their 12-20 year life span. Virtually all major appliance manufacturers offer energy-efficient models. Visit www.energystar.gov or www.aceee.org for details.

Look for the blue”Energy Star” label when you shop for appliances. to earn this label, appliances must exceed government efficiency guidelines. Also look out for the Federal Trade Commission’s yellow “EnergyGuide” label. This provides estimated annual energy consumption for an appliance based on typical usage.

The greatest progress in energy-efficient appliances has been made in refrigerators. Many models built before 1988 consume more than $ 100 worth of electricity a year. Those made in the 1970’s cam use as much as $ 200.

Current standard refrigerators save an average of $ 50 a year in electricity. Since many new refrigerators retail in the $ 500 range, a new unit will pay for itself in about 10 years. High efficiency units can run on less than $ 40 a year.  

Refrigerators with freezers on top or bottom tend to be about 7% to 13% more efficient than side-by-side models. An automatic ice maker installed in the door can reduce efficiency by up to 20%. Small units are more efficient than larger ones- but one large fridge is more efficient than two small ones. Don’t buy something so small that you have to put the old unit in the basement for extra storage. If you do need an extra refrigerator, buy a new one. 

Consumers often feel that throwing out a working refrigerator is wasteful. But virtually every part of an old refrigerator is likely to be recycled, says DialaMaidUsa. It is more wasteful to continue using an energy hog.

Summer is coming

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If you live in the Chicagoland area you’ve probably started to notice that’s it’s gotten quite warm out recently and the temperatures are continuing to rise and you know what that means! Summer! Summer is an awesome time for your kids to help you out with some cleaning, or maybe be the cause of your messes. If you have a mess maker at home, dial a maid has a few tips to keep you care free and summer loving and your house reflecting the warm, clean air outside. Dial A Maids first cleaning tip is to always have backups. Is means backup paper towels, backup toilet paper and backup dish soap. The kids are home. We get it. Nobody has time to go shopping when we’re all busy driving our kids from one sports game to the next play date. Buying this stuff in advance ensures that even when you’re not on top of things your house still can be. Dial a maids next tip is to just simply utilize your windows. A nice summer breeze makes all the difference, especially when having guests over. Crack a window and let the fresh air pour through, let everyone else thank you later. Fresh air adds a summery feel to a stuffy home. Don’t let your guests feel like they’re stuck in a closet. Air is great for everyone. Dial a maids last tip for a great clean summer home is essential oils! This seems like the biggest fad lately, but it’s definitely not unwarranted. Sprinkle a few drops of oil on whatever piece of furniture you like to give it a fresh, clean scent. Some of our favorite scents are Mint, and lemon but the list of oils you can purchase for a nice cheap prince are endless! The summer comes in running in the suburbs of Chicago. Don’t let yourself fall victim to shock. Give dial a maid a call for some more great cleaning tips or even a free estimate today

Mothers day helpful tips

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Happy May! As the new month begins its time to start thinking about Mother’s Day! Our moms do a lot for us day to day not only emotionally but also through by cleaning around the house. This Mother’s Day do your part and take some advice from Dial A Maid in order to help your mom, or even just your parents in general around the house. The first thing you can do to be proactive is just simply do the dishes! Of course this sounds like a tedious thing but we often forget how much time it honestly takes to clean the dishes, and even the whole kitchen in day to day life. If we put in some hands in time and help out our parents it will make a huge impact in the long run. Another awesome thing you can do this Mother’s Day is to just simply take out the trash. Of course it sounds small but this really does make all of the difference. Cleaning can be a big job. Nobody really wants to clean, but it’s just something we’ve gotta do. This Mother’s Day take the time to clean (or even call dial a maid as an early present for your favorite parent in your life!)

Happy earth day!

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Happy earth day everyone! If you’ve been wondering what exactly you can do to celebrate, Dial A Maid has some ideas for you! Now, cleaning supplies definitely put a strain on our environment, there’s no doubt. But there are some awesome things that YOU can do to help our earth this April. A little known fact is that over 3,000 pounds of paper towels are put into waste in America each day. So how can you change this? It’s easy! Use some reusable dish rags. Of course this seems like a lot of work, and quite tedious but in the long run you’re ultimately helping our planet. Another great thing to do is to just have separate garbage bags for recycling and actual garbage. Yeah, it sounds obvious but so many of us just leave our recycling in the garbage bin because we’re too lazy to separate them. By having these separate bags you can make a change just starting in your own home. Along with the obvious papers and plastic, your old electronics can be recycled too! Old computers and iPhones can pile up in landfills. Try either recycling your items or even bringing it to your phone company. They will definitely place it in a new home and simultaneously help the environment. So a lot of these small things really can help the environment! Not all of us realize how much of a change we’re making through the little things we do. Be safe and help your home, the earth be safe too

Ways to save yourself money earth energy

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Some of us go to bed early, some of us sleep in, some of us eat healthy things but the underlying fact is that we are always trying, as humans, to save energy. So why should our hoses be any different? The average American spends up to three thousand dollars on energy (both water and power) a year. Not to mention the strain this puts on our ecosystem.There are so many easy, clean ways to save energy and sometimes we just need to be reminded of them. A great way to save energy AND water is to cut your shower time in half! Nobody actually spends a half hour shampooing their hair. If you make an effort to spend less time dilly dallying in the shower you will save so much money for yourself and end up benefitting the earth as well. Another great way to save power is to just turn off all of your lights before you leave home! That sounds like an obvious thing but so many people forget to do it and it seriously puts a strain on money. Make post it notes to remind yourself to do it and you’ll be saving energy without even thinking about it! One more super cost effective way to save water/energy is to turn off the water in your sink while you brush your teeth! It’s super wasteful to leave your water running and also there’s no real point to it! You can rinse your south after you’re done brushing instead of rinsing out your wallet with water bills! Of course it’s always okay to slip up, we all do. Just remember that day to day life can waste energy and unlike you, the earth doesn’t get a chance to recharge! Go green and watch the planet benefit with all of these tiny decisions you can make.

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