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Candle Burning Tips

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Here’s how to keep candles burning bright and clean.

  • Cut wicks to 1/4 inch in length before lighting. The longer the wick, the larger the flame, the more the soot.
  • ¬†Protect candles from drafts, which can create a large flame that can shorten the life of the candle, as well as cause it to melt in a lopsided manner,( which can eventually cause it to collapse).
  • Protect candles from light and heat. Placing them on a sunny windowsill or in an overheated room can cause them to soften and droop.
  • Keep wicks centered in pillar candles. Off-center wicks can cause uneven burning, leading to spills. To recenter, extinghttp://Dialamaidusa.comuish the flame, then insert a spoon handle alongside the wick and press it back into place.
  • Limit burning time of pillar candles. Pillars should burn for approximately the same number of hours as the diameter measures in inches. For example, a candle that’s 3 inches wide should burn for no more than three hours. Otherwise, the wax is likely to pool around the wick and bury it, ruining the candle. You can burn tapers as long as you want if they are not smoking or dripping excessively.
  • If a wick is drowning in its own wax, score the candle with a sharp knife all the way around, 1/2 inch from the top. cut the candle through, taking care not to sever the wick. All of the above suggestions are in Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook and promoted by DialamaidUsa.com

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