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Ways to save yourself money earth energy

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Some of us go to bed early, some of us sleep in, some of us eat healthy things but the underlying fact is that we are always trying, as humans, to save energy. So why should our hoses be any different? The average American spends up to three thousand dollars on energy (both water and power) a year. Not to mention the strain this puts on our ecosystem.There are so many easy, clean ways to save energy and sometimes we just need to be reminded of them. A great way to save energy AND water is to cut your shower time in half! Nobody actually spends a half hour shampooing their hair. If you make an effort to spend less time dilly dallying in the shower you will save so much money for yourself and end up benefitting the earth as well. Another great way to save power is to just turn off all of your lights before you leave home! That sounds like an obvious thing but so many people forget to do it and it seriously puts a strain on money. Make post it notes to remind yourself to do it and you’ll be saving energy without even thinking about it! One more super cost effective way to save water/energy is to turn off the water in your sink while you brush your teeth! It’s super wasteful to leave your water running and also there’s no real point to it! You can rinse your south after you’re done brushing instead of rinsing out your wallet with water bills! Of course it’s always okay to slip up, we all do. Just remember that day to day life can waste energy and unlike you, the earth doesn’t get a chance to recharge! Go green and watch the planet benefit with all of these tiny decisions you can make.

Be green while you clean

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Earth day is April 22 but it is never too late to start preparing! It’s always a good idea to think about everyone’s home, (the earth) while you’re cleaning your own home! Here at dial a maid we want to make sure that you are environmentally aware by giving you a few new cleaning tips to help you stay green for earth day and for the rest of the year as well! A little known fact is that 40% of America’s landfills are paper towel products. A great way to not become apart of this statistic is to use reusable wash cloths. This is a cost effective, and green way to help the environment. Another great way to help is to start using natural products! Things like vinegar and lemon are great not to mention cheap products you can use to clean your house! A bit of lemon juice and/or vinegar can add a nice scent your furniture and dishes without letting out harmful fumes into the air. Other cleaning products such as borax and free works (cleaning detergent) are also cheap, awesome ways to make a difference. There are so many ways you can help the environment in day to day life! Dial a maid tries to strive for green cleaning techniques by using essential oils to scent a lot of our cleaning products, and also naturally mixing a good amount of our own cleaning solutions. We work to help our environment in day to day life, living green is a lifestyle choice that dial a maid has chosen and we encourage you to do the same!

Green Glass Cleaners

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Newspapers do a great job of shining up glass- and they’re a great green solution, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service servicing the North Shore of Chicago, IL. Reuse before recycling! But if you do not want to get newsprint all over your hands, paper towel is another option. Just be sure to buy a brand that’s soft on nature. Clean outside windows on an overcast day, because strong sun dries the glass before you can buff the windows clean. Don’t use cotton cloth because it leaves lint behind. A microfiber cloth made for glass and windows is great.

A quick  recipe for a green window solution  is as follows: Mix 1/2 cup to 1 cup vinegar into 1 quart of cool water. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle. Spritz solution on surface. Rub until dry with newspaper or white paper towel.

For a quick no-mix cleaner, which works best on indoor windows and mirrors, put club soda on a microfiber cloth or paper towel and apply to surface.

For a heavy-duty cleaner to cut through grime: combine 1/2 cup to 1 cup white vinegar, 1 tablespoon liquid dish soap or detergent, and 1 quart water in a spray bottle. Spray window and rub until dry. Use your newspaper or a paper towel. You’ll get great results!


Making Bathroom Cleaning Habits Easier in Evanston, Il

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Bathroom cleaning is quicker and more pleasant in a room that has sufficient storage to keep lotions, make-up, razors, and toothbrushes off window ledges and sink edges. Buy a wall cabinet with a door and encourage everyone to store their bathroom articles  in it. You can take out the contents and clean this cabinet semi-annually rather than cleaning monthly as you need to with open shelving says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Company in Evanston, Il.

Some tips to make your bathroom look neater and easier to clean include:

Buy a soap dish with a drip tray: China looks prettier than plastic and you can stick it in the dishwasher periodically.

Choose bath bubbles over oils for an easier to clean tub. Acrylic tubs are the most prone to rings, so wipe them down ager every bath.

Lift out plastic slip mats do dry every time you bath. They can mark the bath if left in permanently, because bathroom heat may stick them to the bath. Also, water gets trapped underneath and promotes the growth of germs and mould.

Hang towels on a towel rack, not the side of the bath.

Change towels and bath mats frequently– twice weekly if you can. Having two complete sets in different colors may jog your memory on changing. It also makes it easy to launder the whole lot at the same time.

Fit a simple high shelf that children can’t reach for the toilet cleaner and to stack extra towels.

Always send children back to pick up the towel they left on the floor, or empty out the sink, or do anything else they forgot to do. One day, these good habits will become automatic.

Pick up the free perfume samplers from beauty counters. They make great bathroom fresheners that smell a whole lot better than most room sprays. Perfume can stain, though, so spray it into the center of the room with care, avoiding fabric curtains, wood, and anything else that can’t handle an alcohol-based liquid.

The above suggestions are in “Cleaning and Stain Removal for Dummies” by Gill Chilton.

Dust Busters in Evanston, Il.

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Here are some no-fuss tricks to try when you want to do some spot cleaning.

  1. To clean stained or natural-finish woodwork, put a tea bag in hot water and let it cool. Then dampen your cleaning rag or sponge with the cooled tea and run it over the woodwork.
  2. To clean blinds, which can get filmy with dust, wipe the slats with a cloth dampened with vinegar, which sanitizes as it cleans. This is a good trick for chandeliers, too.
  3. To remove dust, lint, or hair from furniture or an item of clothing, wrap masking tape around your hand and then press your hand over the surface of the item. Unwanted fuzz, dust, or lint will stick to the masking tape.
  4. To get rid of all the dust trapped in a pleated lampshade, use a small,. medium bristled paintbrush. This works for figurines, too.
  5. To give freshly dusted furniture a pretty sheen, mix 1/2 teaspoon of light olive oil ( not dark) in 1 quart of water. Apply with a clean rag.

All of the above tips are espoused by a renown 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il and are in 2,001 amazing Cleaning secrets by Jeff Bredenberg.

Cutting Board Cleaning and Sanitization

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Recent studies prove that hardwood cutting boards are more hygienic than plastic boards. Knife cuts and scars in the plastic provide hiding spaces for bacteria that are nearly impossible to kill even with vigorous scrubbing. Hardwood actually absorbs the bacteria, trapping it inside. Any bacteria on the surface will die off within three minutes after the surface is washed and dried.

After each use of your cutting board, scrape off any remaining food with a scrapper or spatula and then scrub the board with hot, soapy water. It’s usually safe to put high-density plastic boards in the top rack of the dishwasher. However, if the water does not get hotter than 165 degrees F in the dishwasher, all sorts of bacteria can survive. If you have an antibacterial cycle, use it. Otherwise, wash and dry the board by hand. If your wood cutting board or butcher block is stained, wet the surface and sprinkle it with sea salt. Let it sit for 24 hours, then rise it off. Make a paste of coarse salt and water and use it to scour the board or block to make the stain rise to the surface. Rinse the surface and then scour again, now with hot, soapy water. Most bacteria cannot live in a high-salt environment, so cleaning a wood cutting board in this fashion also sanitizes it.

To sanitize wood and plastic cutting boards, pour a solution of one part vinegar to five parts of water. Pour the solution over the board and allow it to stand for several minutes. Then rinse the board and dry it with a clean cloth. Small  wood cutting boards with no metal parts can be microwaved to kill any bacteria they contain inside and out. Wet the board and then microwave on high for 5 minutes. Microwaving does not work for plastic, because plastic will not get hot enough in the microwave for kill bacteria. All of the above suggestions are in the book Cleaning Plain and Simple by Donna Smallin. 

Cleaning Personal Grooming Tools in Evanston, Il

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 Personal Hair brushes,combs, hair dryers and hair curling irons are subject to germs and need to be cleaned regularly, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il.

  • Fill a clean sink with warm water and 4 Tbsp. of baking soda and mix thoroughly.
  • Remove extraneous hair from combs and hairbrushes.
  • Immerse hairbrushes and combs.
  • Soak the hairbrushes and combs for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clear, warm water until no residue remains.
  • Set them on a clean cloth until they dry.
  • Wipe down the sink with another soft cloth to remove any remaining residue on the sink. Keeping your hair brushes and combs clean is a very important, hygenic routine to incorporate in your weekly cleaning.
  • Hair dryers accumulate hair and dust particles in their grills and filters. To remove dirt, use a small cleaning scrub brush or cleaning toothbrush, then get larger particles out of the grill and filter areas. Next, use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner to remove the remaining hair and dust. If the appliance is particularly dirty, you can remove the cover with a screwdriver to clean the inside. Pick out any hair and lint, and wipe with a slightly damp cloth before reattaching the cover. Small appliances, such as hair dryers, work best when they are clean and lint-free.
  • Hair irons get very dirty after repeated use, particularly when they are used in combination with hair styling products. The easiest way to clean these is to do so while they are still warm.
  • Unplug the appliance and let it cool slightly so you do not burn yourself.
  • When it is cool enough to handle, run damp cloth over the surface to remove residue.
  • If stubborn stains exist, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il.,  spray a small amount of vinegar-water cleaning solution on the cloth and wipe it again until it is clean. The above suggestions are all in The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly House Cleaning by Anne B. Kocsis.

Cleaning Flattop Stovetop Surfaces in Evanston, Il.

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Stovetops are an area requiring cleaning vigilance, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. Stovetops need to remain clean, as unattended food spills could result in a kitchen fire. Additionally, you should wipe them down each time you cook. Keep a bottle of vinegar-water solution nearby. When the stovetop is still slightly warm, spray some solution on your cloth, and wipe off any food or grease residue. Resist the temptation to let any mess sit until after the meal is over. Spills and grease are easiest to clean when they first happen.

Different types of cooking surfaces require different types of care. A flat top stove is the easiest to care for because spills cannot drip below the surface.

  • Clean a flattop surface with a vinegar-water solution. wipe it daily as needed.
  •  If a pot boils over and creates a caked-on food mess, use a baking soda paste to clear the stain.
  • After the cooking element has cooled, cover the stain with baking soda paste.
  • Let it sit for about 20 minutes. After that, rub it gently with a soft cloth until the mess is gone.
  • Follow by spraying area with vinegar to remove any lingering cloudy residue.

Certain flattop surfaces require special handling. If you have a brushed-chromed surface, be sure to rub the soft cloth with the grain. This will help you avoid visible streaking in the chrome. If you have a tempered-glass or porcelain surface, be careful to avoid using too much water, because the water can seep under the glass. In this case, spray the vinegar-water cleaning solution on the soft cloth, rather than spraying it directly on the surface. Additionally, porcelain surfaces may become discolored if a spill is highly acidic, such as a tomato sauce. If this occurs, immediately use a dry, soft cloth to wipe up the spill. a dampened cloth on a hot porcelain surface may result in cracking or chipping, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. The above suggestions are in The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly House Cleaning by Anne B. Kocsis.

Use Proper Ventilation in Evanston, Il

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Virtually everything emits gases somehow., says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il. Given the number of items in a typical home environment, it could easily become filled with air pollutants. An improperly ventilated area can increase the problem and expand the potential health risks. Even outdoor air can contribute to indoor air pollution. for example, exhaust from motor vehicles, heating and cooling systems, and building fans can all enter home through cracks, vents, and other openings.

The best thing to do in respect to improving the air quality is to air the house out by opening your windows. it is particularly important to keep the windows open during the cleaning process. This allows fresh airflow in and helps prevent the toxins from settling.

Additionally, open up interior doors. It is a good idea to keep general air flowing through the house as you clean. Even when you are not cleaning, this is a smart thing to do. If you do not like having the windows open all day, try to at least have them open for part of the day or night. Even a couple of hours each day will dramatically improve the air in your home. For the most part, homes today are very well-insulated. This is good for heating and cooling. On the downside, it also keeps all the toxins locked in, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in  Evanston, IL. All of the above suggestions are in The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly House Cleaning by Anne B. Kocsis.

Make Use of Your Garbage in Evanston, Il

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Think twice before you throw things away. Here, clever uses for rinds, used tea bags, coffee grounds, and more, says a 40+ year old Residential Cleaning Service in Evanston, Il.

Lemon Rind- freeze your zest. Most people don’t know that you can freeze lemon zest. Called for in many recipes, zest is the outermost rind of citrus fruits. when you need to use a lemon for its juice, first wash, then grate the rind. Freeze the zest in a bag up to 6 months.

Polish your kitchen’s chrome faucet by rubbing it with the white inside of the lemon rind. Rinse and wipe dry.

Tea Bags- canker sore soother. Put a used black tea bag in the freezer for an hour or more. Then take the cold tea bag and place it on the canker sore. Keep it there for about 10 minutes. The tea bag should relieve the pain. Repeat with another used tea bag if necessary.

Pineapple Peel- Feet exfoliant. Using circular motions, rub the inside, fleshy part of the pineapple peel on the soles and heels of your feet for a few minutes. Then rinse, dry and feel the difference.

Coffee-Grounds are great as an aid for fireplace cleaning. Liberally sprinkle used coffee grounds over old ashes in the fireplace. The damp coffee grounds will weigh down the ash and help prevent clouds of dust.

Poretightening face mask-mix an egg white into one-quarter cup of used coffee grounds. Using circular motions to stimulate circulation while exfoliating, spread the mixture on your face. When te concoction is dry and flaky, rinse your face clean with tepid water. All of the above are in Bottom Line Person Magazine written by Joan Wilen and Lydia Wilen.


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