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Be green while you clean

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Earth day is April 22 but it is never too late to start preparing! It’s always a good idea to think about everyone’s home, (the earth) while you’re cleaning your own home! Here at dial a maid we want to make sure that you are environmentally aware by giving you a few new cleaning tips to help you stay green for earth day and for the rest of the year as well! A little known fact is that 40% of America’s landfills are paper towel products. A great way to not become apart of this statistic is to use reusable wash cloths. This is a cost effective, and green way to help the environment. Another great way to help is to start using natural products! Things like vinegar and lemon are great not to mention cheap products you can use to clean your house! A bit of lemon juice and/or vinegar can add a nice scent your furniture and dishes without letting out harmful fumes into the air. Other cleaning products such as borax and free works (cleaning detergent) are also cheap, awesome ways to make a difference. There are so many ways you can help the environment in day to day life! Dial a maid tries to strive for green cleaning techniques by using essential oils to scent a lot of our cleaning products, and also naturally mixing a good amount of our own cleaning solutions. We work to help our environment in day to day life, living green is a lifestyle choice that dial a maid has chosen and we encourage you to do the same!

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